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Relationship Hiccups and Women’s Health


The medical profession won’t inform you fully (if at all).

The pharmaceutical company further infuriates.

A spouse, knee deep in aging aspects, can barely see through his haze.


You may be on your own.

How do you, do MORE, than simply survive?

How do you maintain your ability to be intimate, beyond a cuddle?

Intimacy without penetration, presents risks:

1-Vaginal Atrophy.

2-Narrowing and shrinkage of your vaginal walls.

3-Painful GYN exams.

I recommend you not let that (vaginal) door slam shut. Blunt enough?

I am overtly sensual and passionate about all types of intimacy.

Yet, I found myself years ago, with a partner who was shutting down intimately due to pharmaceutical and aging issues.

As painful as that is emotionally, it is also harmful physically (refer to above) and steps must be taken to avoid that 1-2-3 punch.


For a woman such as myself, you do not want a permanent closing of that door, to that type of intimacy.

The physical steps to protecting yourself are:

Using dilators (Glass Pacik dilators are the best in my view)

Using a vaginal moisturizer 2 x a week (NeuEve Silver Vaginal Suppositories  are best, in my opinion)


The emotional steps, of support during this period, I have yet to discover.


Ladies, I’ve been the adventurous, openminded and kink friendly type-a-woman.
The best part was NOT the physical.

It is connective element offered when one is of that type of nature. All intimacy is of importance.  I would not be so fast to discard any parts of that recipe. All these parts are inter-connective.

It is quite possible the non-kink, vanilla type lady, will actually find dilator use to be a breeze? I wonder. For those with diversity in toys and other such items, may define those items as being for intimacy and the two, vs solo? At any rate, it took me some time to digest those items in a health, verses intimate light.


Take care my friends, and never let any door which could reconnect you to other souls, close. Keep your spirit, sensuality and health, a central focus.



There is a certain nourishment, which accompanies human touch. Without such nurturing, one can suffer emotionally.  Not all touch has substance. There is touch which stems from sexual desire.  In itself, sexual desire is a mere blink of emotion.  Love based touch is resilient. Love in itself, can take weight your shoulders.  Love and sex combined, are powerfully… sublime.  Concern of societies norms, thrown to the wind, and all sensual desires embraced… THAT defies definition… and often society!  For me to have experienced that freedom, was in itself a gift.


Relationships evolve, affected by our challenges; both physical and emotional.  Our egos, may indeed fall under attack.  Aging issues can chip away at ego, particularly masculinity. That’s quite a test of friendship and commitment when those challenges present. It’s also a show of intelligence when those affected, can rewrite how they approach their partner.  


I believe that while everyone has that intelligence, few are able to get past the denial involved to create a fresh canvas in a challenging chapter.  A lifetime of intimacy renders us habitual, and behavior is difficult to relearn.  It’s human nature in thinking; What comes easily at one point, should later as well. To relearn how to touch, when emotions are compromised, involves strength and investment.  It’s that evolution in a relationship, involving an investment, that few can comprehend.  This is especially true, if the smoke of challenge is clouding that vision.  



For continued growth in a long-term relationship, you must invest energy. It takes a very powerful energy within, to grow in the face of challenge.  I noted in a prior post:

It is believed our chakra energy is formed in childhood.  No matter if you believe in chakras or energy, we must acknowledge the lasting touch childhood has upon us.


It’s unfortunate when the *two* do not possess that energy.  It is usually the one who is NOT challenged, which carries that emotional weight and understanding.


This has been the toughest realization of my lifetime.  I’ve loved and lost many dear ones, due to death.  Never before, have I felt loss of one who is among the living and within my reach.


My great grandfathers words ring deep, with this lesson.  Thank you, Papa.  Those words and that story, stand on their own and are due their own entry.



Is this deviant enough for you?


Deep anticipatory breath.




Anticipation and desire fogged my vantage.


In hindsight,


Answer with,


encouraging, yet defiant scent of NO!


Hands which restrained,


Delivering decadent jolts by mere stroke.


I assumed intent was as formidable.




A decade later.


Quietly and generous. A whimper, a squeeze


Barely audible,




escaped my lips.


Lip bitten…


Accompaning that slip.


This Siren possesses volumes, unspoken.


Words will not reach, foregone.


Sensuality ingrained, remains.






Tilt of head.


Upward gaze.


This Rx, is heat,


A firm pinch of mental restraint.






Firmly applied.


It’s all in the mind,


of the TWO.


Intent of just one, remains.


Without resolve.