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A celebration speaks of connection, and those whom you are connected to.

Lack of desire to “celebrate” is wildly attuned to the level of nurturing that we experienced in our early years.

The degree of health of that celebration, says more about the participants. Much more, than the about the date or person being celebrated.

The ends of this continuum, have many degrees. On one end is embracement, and the other end rejection.

Some celebrate when a relationship is new, only to settle back into their normal routine years after the newness has faded.

It’s more about the people celebrating, than what is being celebrated.  

Obligatory celebrations are sadly lacking.

Those transparencies will surface.

You will (eventually) acknowledge whom you have in your life.

You will eventually mourn the illusion, and move on.

There are two species of human.  

Those whom were nurtured, and those who were not.  

Be it a birthday, anniversary, valentines day…

How powerful a celebration is, is not really about about the day, the event or the person being celebrated.

Again, the power is about the state of those celebrating (or not).

Those who embrace life fully (or can’t).

When celebration is lacking, one is likely amongst those, who have not been nurtured. 

Celebrations are not mere “Hallmark Holidays”.  

Passionately applied, they “are” for reasons beyond commercial purposes.

It is one thing to celebrate daily, both life and those in your life, and another not to celebrate, nor nurture.