On a simple level, it is a flushing out of toxins,

and easing of muscles.

On a higher plane, it is simply sublimely connective


I have to remind myself of the later.  


Think for a moment of that simple word.  


What image is before your minds eye?  Stop reading this for a moment and really answer that question.  Close your eyes and ask yourself this again.  What image is before you.

In fact, I will leave you untethered to your own thoughts.  All responses to this thread will remain private.


Yes, imagine that.

I would like to hear your response. 

Then, I shall share my response.





About lagodiosa

I am an expat, a woman, a goddess, and writer. During the daytime, I play with the words delivered to me in the early pre-dawn hours. When that supply runs out, I take to the cobblestoned streets, and a new flow of intrigue presents.

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