There is a certain nourishment, which accompanies human touch. Without such nurturing, one can suffer emotionally.  Not all touch has substance. There is touch which stems from sexual desire.  In itself, sexual desire is a mere blink of emotion.  Love based touch is resilient. Love in itself, can take weight your shoulders.  Love and sex combined, are powerfully… sublime.  Concern of societies norms, thrown to the wind, and all sensual desires embraced… THAT defies definition… and often society!  For me to have experienced that freedom, was in itself a gift.


Relationships evolve, affected by our challenges; both physical and emotional.  Our egos, may indeed fall under attack.  Aging issues can chip away at ego, particularly masculinity. That’s quite a test of friendship and commitment when those challenges present. It’s also a show of intelligence when those affected, can rewrite how they approach their partner.  


I believe that while everyone has that intelligence, few are able to get past the denial involved to create a fresh canvas in a challenging chapter.  A lifetime of intimacy renders us habitual, and behavior is difficult to relearn.  It’s human nature in thinking; What comes easily at one point, should later as well. To relearn how to touch, when emotions are compromised, involves strength and investment.  It’s that evolution in a relationship, involving an investment, that few can comprehend.  This is especially true, if the smoke of challenge is clouding that vision.  



For continued growth in a long-term relationship, you must invest energy. It takes a very powerful energy within, to grow in the face of challenge.  I noted in a prior post:

It is believed our chakra energy is formed in childhood.  No matter if you believe in chakras or energy, we must acknowledge the lasting touch childhood has upon us.


It’s unfortunate when the *two* do not possess that energy.  It is usually the one who is NOT challenged, which carries that emotional weight and understanding.


This has been the toughest realization of my lifetime.  I’ve loved and lost many dear ones, due to death.  Never before, have I felt loss of one who is among the living and within my reach.


My great grandfathers words ring deep, with this lesson.  Thank you, Papa.  Those words and that story, stand on their own and are due their own entry.

About lagodiosa

I am an expat, a woman, a goddess, and writer. During the daytime, I play with the words delivered to me in the early pre-dawn hours. When that supply runs out, I take to the cobblestoned streets, and a new flow of intrigue presents.

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