This move still has an ethereal feel to it.

I cannot shake that dreamy; *Am I really here?* feel to this chapter.

It’s almost as if I dreamed up this town, the lake, the people and their smiles.

Stress upon stress fall behind me, most unable to follow me to Mexico.

The packing that preceded this move, turned into a frenzy in the final weeks.

And then, when that frenzied, determined smoke cleared…  

This is now my home.  A home which feels like home, much more than past moves.


I venture out, down the terrain of cobblestoned streets.  My hiking shoes protect my ankles, as I hoist groceries back up up up that hill.  Transportation is a couple of months

in the distance.  Uh oh… these groceries… I need a burrow at least!  

Where did I see that sign… Massage?    Was it down this street, surely it was?  But no, and so I travel into the village.  Poking my head into doors to find it is oh so so much for a massage.  so very businessy in it’s energy…  uh uh. Feet back on the cobblestones… back up that hill.    Oh once more down this street, that street…



Tantric, Stone, Deep tissue, Chakra and more…

The energy reaches, searches and meets with mine.

This fits like I imagined massage…  Thus my reward, for circling around and around, peaking through corridors and courtyards.


Sublime… so very… and then I hear an addition to the music.  Chanting a touch so low I can barely hear it, thinking it is merely a part of the music?

But, ah the direction is near me.  Little song, and a drop more of chanting, as she works that uncooperative neck and shoulder.   


Quieted, she places what feels like a coin… forehead and points… amid a tapestry of touches, scents, mist whooshing over me… she leans in and whispers, my sensing a question in her tone.. (Gosh my hearing is awful)… She repeats.  “You are different”

I laugh and think to myself… So what else is new?  


Massage over, this talented woman wrestles with English to explain what she meant.  The short of it is, all my chakras are open.

Which seems to surprise her, for most aches and muscle imbalances are in part due to some sort of energy imbalance, of which she explains is not the case with me.  So few words, but so hard to explain to me, for there is a language barrier.  She wants to know why this is, but cannot verbalize it.  I smile and explain how the love lives on… my mother.


It’s interesting, for I know so little of chakras, but instinctively I knew.  I knew that anything which fortified something deep, had to come from my mother/childhood.  Interesting for when I do a touch of research online, I find that childhood is when our chakras are formed.


So my chakras are open… hmmm… this escapee may be powerful in ways that indeed are rather ethereal.




About lagodiosa

I am an expat, a woman, a goddess, and writer. During the daytime, I play with the words delivered to me in the early pre-dawn hours. When that supply runs out, I take to the cobblestoned streets, and a new flow of intrigue presents.

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