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Is this deviant enough for you?


Deep anticipatory breath.




Anticipation and desire fogged my vantage.


In hindsight,


Answer with,


encouraging, yet defiant scent of NO!


Hands which restrained,


Delivering decadent jolts by mere stroke.


I assumed intent was as formidable.




A decade later.


Quietly and generous. A whimper, a squeeze


Barely audible,




escaped my lips.


Lip bitten…


Accompaning that slip.


This Siren possesses volumes, unspoken.


Words will not reach, foregone.


Sensuality ingrained, remains.






Tilt of head.


Upward gaze.


This Rx, is heat,


A firm pinch of mental restraint.






Firmly applied.


It’s all in the mind,


of the TWO.


Intent of just one, remains.


Without resolve.

Down ‘N Dirty!



My mentors remain with me, in memory.  Their lessons live on, touching me

and those I am close to.

This search is officially on, for souls which relish life with (near) reckless abandonment!

My fur mentors take to the cobblestone with me, making introductions to new

people, canines and stimuli, that may have otherwise slipped by me.

They are not afraid to get their paws dirty.  In fact they relish the opportunity

to roll in the dirt with new friends.  What better example for me!?!

Which of you Get Down and Dirties are up for the cobblestones??!!??!!

Blue Nude (Pablo Picasso) / I can relate


The image is of Picasso’s Blue Nude.  So very sensual, the image goes beyond the obvious in taking on a pose which emits emotion.  I think hit it right on in their write up.  This is a protective pose. I often crave the security and comfort of earlier times. That is an emotional state, which you savor in the smallest nibbles, and quickly stand back up, straight and strong. With the lessons and strength afforded of that earlier time, you then fill the gaps with passions of the present. This piece and the writeup (below) from hit a chord with me. and the writeup (below) from hit a chord.  blue-nude Write up/Courtesy of Blue Nude is one of Pablo Picasso’s early masterpieces. It was created in 1902 at a time when Pablo Picasso was still mourning over a friend’s tragic death. It is one of Picasso’s artworks during his blue period and has undoubtedly exemplified the kind of talent that he possessed as it highlights the deepest feelings while using only one color to effectively express it. This painting by Pablo Picasso highlights a nude woman while embracing her knees as if trying to regress back in time in search of security and comfort. Though Pablo Picasso used a single shade in accomplishing this masterpiece, it never failed to express the thoughts that he had at the moment and has effectively connected his message to the people by simply using light and dark shades of blue to fully create the most desired impact.

Oasis of Love


Trust begins within.  I have always trusted that which is passionate and unharnessed.  Weave in a healthy dose of integrity, and put your ego on the doorstep for a rest.  The result can be sublime.

I did that as a child.  Surrounded by a fabric of unconditional love, it came so easily, much like a spring breeze blowing curtains.  You simply felt.  I imagined the world doing this dance, free of inhibition.

I imagined that, until the start of my school years.  During those years, my family and home became an oasis.  I was nurtured, while many appeared suffering.   Later it dawned on me, the rarity of unconditional love. My mother was my mentor.  Her lessons were infused with compassion.   She explained; Many of these classmates were tormented souls, brought up in a home with legacy of ridicule or abuse.

Our family built upon, and embraced our strengths.   My parents were passionately in love.  Their genetics were passed down to me.  My sensuality thrived, and my passions were nurtured.    I was born a multitude of times.  Each birth strengthened what some refer to as their inner goddess.

I can feel my mother’s smile, as she watches over me.  I shall not be alone, as I explore Lake Chapala.